Fall in Love with A Serum this Summer.

As we say good bye to June and summer beings it’s time to step up our skincare routine and fall in love with our skin again. 

Apart for the crucial cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising we should introduce a  Serum. This step isn’t that new to skin care however over the last year or two they have gained more prominence. Skincare savvy ladies have embraced this step and use them daily whilst others haven’t as they aren’t too sure why, how and when  to use them. Let me educate you this summer for the need for a serum, just so you too can see the in change your skin in a matter if weeks…this is your self help product, one you’ll love and cherish forever.

So What is a Serum I hear you ask? Serums are a highly concentration light weight product full of active ingredients. The lighter texture gel or lotion is more than your moisturiser so penetrates down to the deeper layers of the skin. Feeding them with goodness and stimulating the skin cell nucleus with their small molecules of goodness. Perfect when the weather is harsh and your skin needs a little TLC. 

Some Skin saving ingredients found In retail serums can include hyaluronic acid, to plump the skin, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, vitamin C to stimulate the skin and brighten the complexion or Alpha Hydroxy Acids like glycolic to slough away dead skin to reveal brighter, tighter, younger skin. 

So is a serum good for me and my skin and should I use it every day? Yes it’s good for everyone, all skin types, ages and conditions. You’ll feel immediate results just by the touch of your skin and over a matter of weeks see results that will prove why a serum is necessary to all skincare routines. Choose one that suits your needs. Whether it’s to brighten, tighten or reduce breakouts and apply it post cleansing, morning and night. A little bit can go a long way so start with a Pearl size amount and add more if needed. Don’t waste it by using too much. Finish with you moisturiser and sunscreen and there you have a summer skin savvy routine enviable of all your friends.