Pretreatment Care and Contra-Indications

I have recently completed my level five in aesthetic practice, the highest level of education I can have as a non-medic skin practitioner. Therefore with this increasing education my ethical requirements and insurance requirements have also upgraded.

Therefore, I wanted to take the opportunity to refresh the contra indications of treatments and to discuss the requirements needed post injectables if this is something you have. 

Sadly this very grey area in our industry and letting you know my ethical responsibilities is crucial to maintaining good standards of hygiene and high treatment protocols. 

Therefore I ask you to take a couple of minutes to read the below information and if you have any questions then to reach out. 

✅ If any of the below do tick a box for you before any of your treatments with me, please do let me know so we can have a short chat. 

Please be advised that there are certain contra indications that may prevent you from receiving a treatment at Pennyfeathers. These include:

1. Open wounds or cuts on the skin/ area being treated on your visit , especially ones with stitches. Please leave at least 2 weeks after it’s healed before seeing me. With waxing I can normally navigate around the skin problem but with facials it’s a no no ! 

2. Sunburn or irritated skin in the area being treated. We all know my stance on SPF so getting burnt should not be an option these days! 

3. Active cold sores, these must be fully healed before a facial as very contagious. 

4. Skin infections or contagious conditions that are active in the area being treated. Whether Bacterial, Fungal or Viral. For example Conjunctivitis or Impetigo. Eye infections will stop a tinting treatment so please postpone until healed. 

5. Recent chemical peels or laser treatments or Surgery in the area being treated by me. If other clinics look after you too , after all we all work as a team, please leave 14 full days between treatments so we don’t conflict each treatment. 

6. Allergies to any products or ingredients. If you get a new allergy or unusual reaction to something please let me know before coming so we can adapt or postpone.

7.New medication, some medications can contraindicate salon treatments. For example blood thinners prevent treatments using needles (micro-needling/electrolysis) & Steroids can  thin the epidermis so will contra indicate waxing & facials for a short time. 

🚨 Medication can  impair skin healing, even over the counter items or supplements. 

If you change your meds please let me know in advance. It’s crucial I know to ensure I give you the best treatment. 

💉 Additionally, for clients who have injectables such as Botox, dermal fillers, Skin Booster, Prohilo, I insist on waiting 14 full days before scheduling a facial treatment. Non negotiable this is my policy and for insurance and ethical reasons. 

The 14 days settling period will allow the injectables to set properly, the puncture wounds to heal and reduce the risk of complications like migration or unnecessary skin reactions. 

This is the same for Semi Permanent Make Up on the face or MicroBlading for the brows. I require you to leave  4-6 weeks between being given the make up and then coming to me for a facial treatment /tinting / wax on the area due to skin healing. 

If you have any questions or concerns about receiving a treatment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. 

Your health and well-being are my top priority and I want to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience. 

More details to follow this autumn. 

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. I look forward to putting the treat back into treatments very soon with you.