Cultural Stress

Dr Murad and Cultural Stress is the topic of 2021

Have you heard me chat about Cultural Stress, Dr Murad’s Modern Disease, founded in 1997? Well Today I want to talk about it as I think its apparent in 2020 and especially in todays weird and wonderful time!

As I have said before Dr Murad actively works in LA Clinic and when patients started showing up chronically exhausted and emotionally “beat up,” he coined the term “cultural stress” and “Cultural Stress Anxiety Syndrome” (CSAS). In 1997 he started investigating treatments that would return them to a state of vibrant health.

By 2003, science confirmed the link between what it calls “oxidative stress”, environmental stressors that overwhelm the body’s ability to neutralize or repair the damage causing neurodegenerative diseases, heart disease, age-related cancers, and a host of other illnesses including Crohns Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis, which we all know is something I live alongside. 

So the big question asked to Dr Murad is what increases oxidative stress? 

His answer ..Cultural stress! 

It’s The non-stop pressure to keep up and keep going that characterizes our too-busy lives. Cultural stress is:

  • Robbing us of our identities
  • Making us lonely and socially isolated
  • Accentuating environmental stress
  • Robbing our bodies of water
  • Aging us prematurely

Much of Dr. Murad’s work as The Father of Modern Wellness® involves teaching people how to manage cultural stress through a comprehensive treatment plan that involves returning as much as possible to the internal physical and emotional state of your toddler self. The time in our lives that we have no cares, we have fun and look at the world in a very different manner. Just think it as a time that your cells were healthy and hydrated, you slept “like a baby,” your outlook was positive, and “failure” meant nothing to you. 

In a pilot study of female patients, Dr. Murad showed how an inclusive health protocol (internal care, external care and emotional care the pillars of Murad that I discuss in salon daily) was able to reverse CSAS, rejuvenate cellular health and slow related degenerative cell aging processes.

Dr. Murad’s three-part prescription for taming cultural stress includes:

1️⃣ Letting go of your need to be perfect (as everyone else defines it), instead reconnect with what makes you happy. This is the most important step in managing cultural stress, as Dr. Murad’s own research confirms. this link takes you tothe papers.

2️⃣ Improving your health at a fundamental level:

  • Eat your water (To fully hydrate and restore your cells), take in fruits and vegetables that hydrate and heal. Pineapple, carrots and cuecumbers are great for this. 
  • Feed your face (Following a cleanse, tone, repair/protect, moisturize regimen twice daily) even when you cant be bothered. This self care routine isnt juts good for yiur skin but good for your mind. Do you need skinadvice …ask me!!! Im here to help x 
  • Savor sleep (it’s not just for beauty; it’s when your body repairs itself!) Try to get 8 Hours of shut eye, you will soon see the difference!

3️⃣ Embracing the power of movement. It burns fat, builds muscle, relieves stress, and brightens your outlook. Get out for a beach or nature walk (with you SPF on of course), spend some time stretching with yoga or go intense with a HIIT class. its your call!

So how will you embrace this…can you fight Cultural Stress by taking in the 3 simple steps? Let’s start now and begin healthy habits before its too late. 

Penny xx